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texted me

I cant deny anymore!

My birthday was April 24th and i am now 22 years old.. GOD DAMN!
Anyway my point is, its 2 months that we havent spoken, yet i wake up the morning of my birthday and i see i have a text and its from him. It says "Happy birthday", and i honestly i didnt know how to feel or react to that. Like 2 whole MONTHS pass...with no talking nor seeing...nothing. Yet on my birthday- you remembered my birthday! Which im trying to damn hard- to not let that hope in- bout you caring and shit... cuz maybe you were just being polite. So i replied back "thank you" didnt know what else to right, i didnt think it was an ice breaker. Its just a mystery. Why did he text me on the most important day of my life...MY BIRTHDAY! After 2 months. i hate him.
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