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have you ever heard me scream, I LOVE YOU?!

*Love doesnt hurt, so i know im not falling in love - im just falling to pieces.*

Its something, i cant get my head around!
Hung out with NiNi today, it was cool. Stopped by A&P so he could say hello to everyone. And why on a THURSDAY ... a fuckin' THURSDAY is someone working!!!!! HE WAS THERE!!! He wasnt suppose to be workin' today. Why is this universe againt me!!!!!! ?????!!!!!
Thats why i was all willing nilly to go bring him to A&P, cuz i "KNEW" he was off today. Oh boy did that bite me in the ass ever so hard!
I was reading a mag (had shakira on the cover) so i was allll into it. N do you know that feeling when you feel someones eyes on you? Yea, well i felt that... n i looked up to see who the hell was burning a hole in me, and it was him.... Words came outta his mouth... shocking... yes i know! He goes "Hey, how's it going?" Are you fucking kidding me right now. Do you really wanna know how its going? cuz i couldve fucking went off on him right there. And i swear to you, i couldve swore to the high HEAVEN'S my thoughts and feelings about him/ toward him were dead. Yea.... I'd say NO!
Bro, my knees got weak- no lie, i felt like my knees were about to cave in!!! My legs just lost stabitiy... I couldnt understand it! What da fuck happened? That wasnt suppose to happen. I got all shakey and nervous. And i felt my face get red. I thought TIME HAD A WAY!! Why hasnt it fucking worked for me!?!?!?! It wont matter anyway. Im more pissed at myself right now.
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