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I wish i could touch you again, i wish i could still call you a friend.

Stupid me!
You know, its been 4 months since we've spoken...i mean actually spoken. And yes, it kills me! but outta the 4 whole months of not seeing each other nor speaking- we saw each other twice. And one time it was a mistake, cuz he was SUPPOSED to be OFF! And then yesterday and both times, i was there and did my hardest for him not to see me at all. Both muthafuckin times,he spoke to me. SERIOUSLY!!!! DONT DO IT! Dont say "hey or how's it going?" Dont talk to me at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is the point... come on now- theres no reason too. Its done and over with... you made your mind up... you got married. And thats it, just cuz im there in the store doesnt mean- its an open ticket to start trying to conversate with me. No, damnit..NO! Just leave it alone, leave me alone... YOU stopped calling, YOU stopped talking, YOU stopped caring, YOU stopped, not me... YOU! So why are you even saying 1 word to me. Dont tell me "HEY". PRETEND im Died, better yet- dont pretend cuz you have killed me. Its like you seem to know that my heart's quite not broken enough. And then you attack. But SERIOUSLY... ive been avoiding the places were we'd have to meet. I avoided it 4 months, first time stopping by cuz i had to give marg her fucking letter! Damn bro! SEROIUSLY- DONT BOTHER. Dont look in my direction, Dont breathe my name, Dont have me cross thru your mind. PLEASE TIM, Let me live!
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