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everyone i knew was waiting on a Q to turn and run when all i needed was the truth.

So, you would honestly think that i'd learn by now...the second time around. I, who live by these words "people always leave" how dare i think- things were different that you were different. But just by the drop of a dime - Its over. Yesterday at such far distance- with no words- no glances- no anything and nothing. You killed me.
I honestly hate you- but hate myself for allowing it to get this far. For allowing me to fall so deep and so hard, with someone as consumed with prior arrangements such as yourself. Shame on ME.
Yesterday, i could honestly say- is what i needed. Fuck! 6 months of not talking to me, i handled it pretty fucking well. Fuck! not seeing you everyday like i used too, i survived that also. But seeing you hang out- that no, im sorry i couldnt let that one slip away. I am confused
I am angered I am lost I am betrayed I am hurt. And yesterday the TABLES have turned. You may not know it- you might not even care, but it is I who is not SPEAKING to you. You fucking jerk!!!
You deserve the worst but im gonna wish you the best.
"You wanna deny me in front of your friends, ill deny you in front of my father."
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