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Your as welcomed as cancer but my doors always unlocked.

Well, today is my last day of work then i am on vacation!!!
For 2 whole weeks, i am very excitied about that- Im going to BOSTON, to visit my godfather and spend time over there- to rethink of everything and spend some time with myself. And hear myself cry and breathe and be one finally with my emotions. Get hopefully get a clear head about everything. Im in such a need to leave JERSEY and just get some clearity on certain things. My horoscope reads today...as follows...
There's an opportunity today for you to slove a long- standing problem. Perhaps a situation will develop that gives you or someone close to you the chance to reconsider a recent decision. Avoiding uncomfortable feelings will not fix anything. Head directly to the center of the storm for the modt immediate solution.
The bold- is the one- that gets to me the most!!
So now i know, i know...im still with the whole tim thing. Now more then every cuz this time- last year. We were on good terms, he called me everynight at 10pm on the DOT. And asked me if ive missed him and what i did. And EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN! But ive missed him... NOW!!!
Hopefully these next two weeks - Will be better then these last 7 months.
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